Office, hotel and restaurant IT solutions
Office, restaurants and hotel technology solutions

Accidental data loss, software glitches, slow Internet connection will compel a pit stop to consult with  IT services in Dubai. Our specialists will go the extra mile to recover the data, remove the network noise and reanimate degenerated devices to get your office back on track with work.

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Uninterrupted business activity demands ongoing technical maintenance. Sometimes full-scale stripping and rebuilding of the whole IT infrastructure is unavoidable. But proactive management, timely and detailed inspection, necessary patches and updates, when applied at the right time are enough to preserve your business engine in perfect condition.

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Proper IT infrastructure integration is essential for any organization, be it either a newborn store or an ambitious corporation rising to a next level on its path. A deep understanding of your needs and an extensive experience of our service managers will allow to plan, design and execute all the works with great efficiency.

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To secure seamless functioning of an enterprise it is vital to keep an eye on hidden threats and various hazards. IT security service provides an examination of organization’s information technology structure, operations, and software programs to detect potential data leakages and key technological risks.

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Implemented projects

The management of the Claw BBQ restaurant (Whissle Group) had encountered several critical issues with an internal network and WiFi system. Parasol Software IT team had been invited to conduct the IT Audit of the existing IT system and to plan for the required upgrades. Based on the IT audit report, it was decided to update the IT infrastructure, wired network and WiFi system. The project was completed in 2 days. IT system was upgraded according to the new design and modern network devices. The upgrade allowed to improve performance, security, usability, reliability, and integrity of the whole IT infrastructure.

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Which systems do you serve?

We provide a full range of IT services that your company may need, namely: IT Analysis, Design and Project Management, CCTV, IP Telephony, Server Infrastructure, Networking and Wireless System, cabling works. Check out the whole list in the IT components

I'm moving to a new office. How long will it take to install a new IT system?

Depends on the scope and the complexity of the work. Implementation of a complete internal IT infrastructure (Networking and Wireless System, CCTV, IP Telephony, Server Infrastructure, cabling works) for an office of an average size will take from 1 to 5 days.Please note, that equipment delivery can delay the beginning of works for several days.

Can I work and manage my office remotely?

Today this is one of the most significant challenges. A modern manager should have access to documents and data at all times and from anywhere. However, a configuration of remote access depends on the installed equipment and services of the Internet provider. Parasol Software experts will do their best to make your business trips more productive with remote access to your office data, IP telephony and CCTV.

Do I need an IT support?

Any business can face an issue of losing CRM, email contacts and correspondence, information about wages, supplier, employees and products, and perhaps even more. For small businesses, the loss of this data could be more catastrophic than it is for an extensive business. Emergency IT support experts will recover your data, install a new piece of equipment, software and offer the measures to prevent future failures, so you can get back to work.

Do I need IT Audit?

IT audit will reveal which IT components and services you need and which ones you can do without. Technology evolves quickly. It can be hard to keep up, especially when you’re tasked with running a business. If you’ve ignored system updates and rely on old software, an audit will reveal those weaknesses.

Conducting an IT audit will allow to make your infrastructure less costly, more efficient and productive. The resulting report will help you to understand which pain points your customer may experience during the interactions.

Do I need IP telephony instead of my analogue system?

Does your phone system do anything for your small business, aside from handling voice calls?

You may not have asked yourself this question, even if you’re looking to replace your phones. Costs and reliability are probably first and foremost in your mind.

However, it’s important to look into what modern Internet Protocol (IP) phone systems offer beyond voice calls. These systems also enable helpful features, such as:

  • Call forwarding to all devices.
  • Voicemail messages sent to everyone.
  • Unlimited users.
  • Virtual receptionist.
  • Recording and storage of phone conversations.
  • Custom extensions.
  • Custom call menus.
  • Number masking.
  • Calls to multiple numbers simultaneously.

More details you can find in IP telephony section of our website

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