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Any UAE business or household can suffer from an IT accident. A slow Internet connection can ruin a movie night. An inaccessibility of mail can lead to a loss of a client. IP Telephony system malfunction can result in an interruption in important talks and delay in decision-making process, which can prove to be crucial in a fast-pace Dubai and broader UAE market. Data loss can spoil an aftertaste of precious family holidays or put a company in the way of operation and reputational risks.

Generally various IT failures can cause a slowdown (or even a break) at the office and massive irritation among family members. If you experience one of the following issues, our IT support in UAE will be able to bring the system back on track promptly:

  • Slow Internet Connection or WIFI signal absence.
  • Slow or intermittent application performance.
  • Unavailability of local services and devices: Network Attached Storages, Share Folders, Printers and MFP, IP Telephone System (IP PBX).
  • Mail server or website malfunctioning.
  • Database inaccessibility.
  • Data loss and corruption.

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Emergency technical support

IT help starts with system examination and identification of the problem roots. We use multiple remote troubleshooting tools and techniques, including staff enquiries, for precise trouble diagnosing. For an experienced technical support specialist most of the common problems, like network noise, FCS errors, physical/data link errors are instantly recognizable and fairly easy to rectify, while some of the other faults require in-depth analysis. A proper diagnosis results in the selection of the most appropriate fault resolution.

An unscheduled stop for a repair can be very expensive for business.The prolonged underperformance of the defective system can be very annoying and ineffective. Therefore we provide remote and onsite emergency repairs to eliminate the breakdown as soon as possible. The remote works are always the first choice as it is more advantageous. It is less costly and time-consuming. There are cases, though when a site visit of a tech support expert is absolutely essential.

The on-boarding visit will be necessary upon the first request. Our specialist will need to visit your shop, office or household, as its IT infrastructure is not known yet. Consequently, in most cases, IT support manager will arrange for a technician’s attendance at a new UAE client. Furthermore, IT Support team will choose to solve the tasks on site, in case of complicated troubleshooting or if the repairs require replacement of the broken parts.

Parasol Software experts got most intensive training to perform emergency repairs. Whichever you’ll need – remote works or onsite repairs in Dubai – we will provide the best IT support to make your IT system smooth and speedy motion.

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