Outsourcing IT Support

Efficient technology operations are an engine of a business performance. If you know how to drive your UAE company to success, we know how to configure, monitor and manage this engine.

As an outsourcing IT company Parasol Software is ready to provide you with a full and complete outsourcing IT support in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates. Our IT Desktop specialists will set up and maintain critical office equipment. Our IT Administrative team will supervise all the processes associated with security, data and complicated IT solutions. We are ready to dedicate all of our experience to back you in achieving your business goals.

Outsourcing IT operations

Administrative outsourcing IT operations

Network Performance Control: Network performance monitoring to detect the necessity of modifications and areas for further readjustments.

Data Protection: Network security measures planning, coordination and implementation to protect data, software and hardware (in conjunction with router, firewall, switches, WiFi system consisting of access points and WiFi controller).

Safety Reinforcement: Antivirus software configuration, monitoring and maintenance.

CCTV Installation and Upkeep: CCTV, time attendance and access control systems (including IP cameras and NVR/DVR) configuration, management and inspection .

System Damage Control: Hardware, software and other network/system problems diagnosis and resolution.  Defective components are replaced if required (cost of hardware parts is beared by the Client).

Peripheral Devices Damage Control: Peripheral devices troubleshooting and problems fixation with: network attached storages, printers, scanners and MFP.

Cable Adjustment: Cable works production: cabling, crimping, labeling, patch panel termination.

On-site Work: On-site Desktop IT support activities supervision to ensure that all the issues are dealt with efficiently and on time. 

Desktop outsourcing IT operations

Immediate Reaction: Technical assistance upon the first request.

Workspace Setup: Computer units setup, necessary software and applications for new employees  installation.

Remote Damage Control: Remote troubleshooting through diagnostic techniques and relevant inquiries.

On-site Diagnosis: Problems investigation directly at the venues if it is absolutely necessary due to operational needs.

Problem-solving: Most appropriate resolutions based on the issue and details provided by company representatives.

Network Check-up: Detailed network examinations: performance and information accessibility, operations and network devices, security vulnerabilities, Internet connection.

To get a better understanding of your needs and concerns we will be happy to participate in staff and executive meetings in Dubai and whole UAE.

Price calculation

Please, click on the component to see the detailed description. Approximate price  calculation is based on the venue size, excludes taxes and service charges.

Small office

  • 1 venue with 20-25 desktops/laptops/user devices
  • 2-3 servers or virtual machines
  • 10-12 network devices
  • 20-25 IP cameras (NVR/DVR is including)
  • 15-20 telephony system devices (IP phones, PBX and gateways)
  • 5-10 peripheral devices (NAS, printers, scanners and MFP)



Onsite visit for IT Support during the office hours (09.00-18.00 Sunday-Thursday)

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We value your privacy. None of the details supplied will be shared with external parties

Implemented projects

ZeroTwo Project Manager approached Parasol Software IT team for the Full IT Infrastructure Implementation in the new Melt Room restaurant in Dubai. Several meetings have been held with the company management to define the specifics of the future system and implementation plan. The visits were arranged during the site construction to shape the IT system in the best way possible. Based on the collected information and the discussions with the management, the design and the implementation plan were developed and approved. With the team of 5 IT engineers and technicians the whole process took 5 days. We installed the wireless network able to support at least 80-100 simultaneous connections to the Internet and provided it with security control measures. We set up CCTV system with built-in video recording server, landline telephony system, fixed and configured fingerprint Time Attendance & Access Control system and mounted Bose FreeSpace system as a perfect audio solution for a small size restaurant.

 Explore the details of this project and check out the variety of others.

Timing is important for business, so our target is conducting outsourcing IT operations within the strict timelines:

  • 30-minute response to a support request (within the office hours)
  • 2 hours for resolution of any issue if can be done remotely (within the office hours)
  • 4 hours for work if has to be done on-site (within the office hours)

Outsourcing IT company is responsible for keeping business on track by maintaining the technical side of enterprise activity. To choose the right partner from a long outsourcing IT companies list, you have to be absolutely positive about IT provider trustworthiness. Parasol Software is happy to share its experience in undertaking outsourcing IT support for different companies in UAE. We are proven to be successful in installation, restoration and management of the IT infrastructure for the great number of clients.

Our technicians and engineers are used to elimination of faults of previous technology outsourcing companies and putting of all the IT facilities into order. We are the best in an accurate understanding of technological side of business needs. Such an approach allows Parasol Software professionals to choose and supply devices which are easy to fit with existing IT infrastructure. We are ready to be in charge of all security issues (data, network and CCTV), PCs and servers performance, and any arising technical issues. Our goal is never to let your business to slow down.

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