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A converged infrastructure solution is a substantial part of a new UAE enterprise or a new Dubai branch of the company. Modern management, communications, clients service relies heavily on ever-evolving technologies. A company prosperity depends on the precision of IT operational background. However IT implementation is a costly process and has to weighed against the expected efficacy growth, and subsequent return of such investment.

An enterprise infrastructure solution creation begins with analysis, planning and design. A research of company goals and objectives gives us understanding what components would be needed. A real estate company obviously doesn’t need any POS equipment, while for a restaurant business it is an absolutely essential equipment. But, while this example is pretty much self-explanatory, other decisions on the necessity of this or that technology are not that easy to make and require much of the in-depth analysis of the characteristics of business operations, venue layout and future expansion intentions. Such a study will help to define an IT infrastructure implementation budget and gives insights to outline the system, plan and schedule the execution of project works.

The next step of infrastructure building is a cable routing. Cabling is a basis of all IT layout, as it structures hardware reciprocity and network operations. Correctly laid out cables ensure long system life and minimize equipment interference.

These works are followed by Local Area Network (LAN) construction. The LAN unites hardware (servers, computers, peripheral devices, storages) in one interacting mechanism.

The following stages of infrastructure development are independent from one another and , thus, don’t have to be executed in any precise order. IP Telephony and server – mandatory communication tools for a multi-venue enterprise – could be set up at the same time. POS setup can be easily combined with Audio and TV Systems installation – a group of in-demand infrastructure solutions for UAE restaurants and barbershops. Although, these means are designed to solve different tasks, their combination, all in all, increases service quality and management opportunities.

Regardless of the business nature and the technology an entrepreneur decides to employ, the system has to run like a clockwork. To secure a business against downtime a system of safeguarding measures has to be implemented in the right away. Security infrastructure solutions expand launching IT budget but will insure a company against potentially disastrous financial and reputational losses induced by threats of data leakage, software corruption, unauthorized network interference and other cyber crimes in the future.

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An update of IT infrastructure is not the least important undertaking in the world where technology progresses in the blink of an eye. A partial or relatively complete system renovation should be preceded by an IT audit. A set of innovative tools allows to evaluate the availability of the system to the employees, accuracy of the operations and general reliability. Infrastructure solution architect obtains important data to judge company tech competitiveness on a relevant market and to define priorities for equipment replacement.


Parasol Software engineers possess a wide expertise, gained by the years of comprehensive IT services in Dubai, to understand the needs, plan, calculate the optimal costs and implement the converged infrastructure solutions. To optimize the expenses we will make a careful review of business technology necessities, so your UAE company will be competitive in a long-term perspective and capable to satisfy the highest expectations of your customers.

Implemented projects

ZeroTwo Project Manager approached Parasol Software IT team for the Full IT Infrastructure Implementation in the new Melt Room restaurant in Dubai. Several meetings have been held with the company management to define the specifics of the future system and implementation plan. The visits were arranged during the site construction to shape the IT system in the best way possible. Based on the collected information and the discussions with the management, the design and the implementation plan were developed and approved. With the team of 5 IT engineers and technicians the whole process took 5 days.  We installed the wireless network able to support at least 80-100 simultaneous connections to the Internet and provided it with security control measures. We set up CCTV system with built-in video recording server, landline telephony system, fixed and configured fingerprint Time Attendance & Access Control system and mounted Bose FreeSpace system as a perfect audio solution for a small size restaurant.

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An efficient home wireless solution was Anthony’s need, driving him to come to us with this request. The process took us 2 days, with the first day dedicated entirely to the study of customer’s needs and inspection of the villa layout to determine the optimal placement of WiFi access points.  Anthony requested the WiFi system to cover all the living rooms and bedrooms, garage, swimming pool and outside lounge areas. The villa owner emphasized that two separate WiFi SSIDs should be set up for the differentiated use of the family and their guests, with Master WiFi providing access to the full list of devices in the house. The actual installation took us no more than a couple of hours. The final system functioning was tested by the customer and had met all of his and his family requirements to the wireless network.

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