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Information technology is an engine of your business and customized IT security is crucial make it safe. It alarms about risks and accidents, which can slow down a company on a business race. No competitive company (in Dubai or somewhere else) can afford a downtime.

When employees are unable to work due to network issues, the business loses clients, money, partners and reputation. IT Security is surely a costly part of a business machine and thus, could be considered as needlessly affecting company bottom line. Being mindful of the costs, some managers might decide to rely solely upon IT security software like antivirus or malware protection. Those are great for personal use but are not anywhere enough for business purposes.

A challenge for an information systems security management professional is to develop an ongoing dialogue with the management of the company focused on IT security importance in behalf of its business goals. Information security system must be on guard to respond to sudden incidents and threats and carry out long-term defensive strategy. All in one, its framework empowers a company to take advantages of business opportunities in a constantly changing world, protecting it from the dangers and hazards.

Information security management strategy

Data protection

Every business inevitably operates with data. Information security is a sensitive issue for company reputation and financial stability. In order to establish an optimal IT security solution for the business, the type of information in the need of protection, characterics of its movement and industry specifics have to be defined:

  • What kinds of DATA are valuable and sensitive for company operations and business projects?

For example: employees and clients private information; contracts and projects details; business relationships and payments.

  • How DATA flows within the company infrastructure?

For example: documents, e-mails movement, CRM and Accounting Systems, SQL, MySQL and other databases operation.

  • Are there data regulations that must be complied to within an industry?

Example of the areas, where specifics approach may be required: medical, hospitality, manufacture, transport, education, banking, etc.

Access control

Information security risk management policy takes into consideration that not all people are “eager beavers” working for the company success. Some of them (in- or outsiders) could try to intrude into business operations with malicious intents, for the sake of the fame or to benefit financially. This is why IT security providers insist on a necessity for an enterprise to develop a mix of authentication and authorization means to prevent trespassing:

  • Logical schema of Authentication and Authorization measures.

Examples of solutions: levels and rules of access and restriction design for employees and clients to enter areas and rooms, obtain data and schedules, manipulate infrastructure components, etc.

  • Physical methods of Authentication and Authorization measures.

Examples of solutions: password policy, two-factor authentication, tokens, Biometric Access Control systems, etc.

  • Accounting — registration and storage of Authentication and Authorization data.

Examples of solutions: CCTV System and Time Attendance & Access Control systems, etc.

IT infrastructure security

The IT infrastructure, comprised of the hardware and software is a heart of the business IT engine. A development and implementation of the information security management system for the IT infrastructure will contribute immensely in the company long and successful existence.

  • Network Security (Internal) system is making sure the usability, reliability, and integrity of network remain intact.

Examples of solutions: Firewall, IDS, IPS, ACLs, VPN, End-to-End Encryption, AAA mechanism, VLANs, switch port securing, ARP inspection, etc.

  • Endpoint Security Technology is all about securing the data at the place where it both enters and leaves the network. It’s a device-level approach to network protection. It requires any device intended to access a corporate network remotely, to be authorized or blocked from accessing the network.

Examples of solutions: antivirus software, limit admin rights, restrict software access, user education, security training, briefings, etc.

  • Internet Security is a guard against cyber crimes. This branch of IT security and risk management deals specifically with the way information is sent and received in browsers. To create secure communication channels, Internet security pros can implement TCP/IP protocols (with cryptography measures woven in), and encryption protocols like a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), or a Transport Layer Security (TLS).
  • Cloud Security builds a strategic framework for the way all applications behave in a cloud environment, managing access, protecting data, and more.

Solution examples: cloud-based servers, websites, email, data storage, applications and computing.

  • Application Security rests on top of many of the security types mentioned above and as well stands on its own. It is specifically concentrated on eliminating gaps and vulnerabilities in software on the design, development, and deployment stages.

Solution examples: data encryption, IT security software like Sandboxing applications, Secure API access, session handling, etc.

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) are two very important and functionally effective components of IT security Systems and Data should be quickly restored from backup. DR begins with RTO (recovery time objective) computation to designate the maximum amount of time the business can function with damaged IT system. A complete disaster recovery program requires additional planning, which consists of mission critical systems determination, recovery order creation and communication process. All aspects of the current environment have to be considered, including physical resources, software, connectivity and security.

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