IT analysis, design and project management

Proper IT Analysis, Design and Project Management service guarantees the success of any undertaking, with efficient use of IT infrastructure analysis and project management principles. We employ a five-stage process (based on the project management lifecycle) to all IT projects conducted in Dubai/UAE:

  1. Initiation — situation overview, subsided by project goals and targets definition. This step involves audit and inspection of the site, determination of client’s needs and requirements.
  2. IT Infrastructure analysis and design — the project manager and IT team work together to analyze and design the necessary steps and parts of IT infrastructure solutions to achieve project goals.
  3. Project planning — the project manager and IT team work together to define all of the deliverables, timelines and intended outputs. Then the specific tasks and the parties responsible for the execution of those are decided and agreed upon.
  4. Project implementation — IT team fulfils assigned tasks one by one following the project plan.
  5. Monitoring and Control — while the plan is being executed by the IT team, the project manager constantly monitors and controls the framework: time, expenses, quality, potential risks and other factors. The project manager regularly reports the project status, as well as issues and menaces, to the sponsor and steering committee. To ensure that the project meets its objectives, we do constant monitoring and control throughout the execution process.

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New idea, device, solution adjustment or implementation has to be done with surgical accuracy to avoid any drawbacks in enterprise operations. Even a small mistake can cost business a lot and result in expensive rework. It is very important for IT project management company to follow the best practices to deliver excellent results.

IT project categories we are experienced to lead

IT project categories we are experienced to lead :

  • Current business solutions research and application in a relevant IT area
  • New IT infrastructure implementation
  • Existing IT infrastructure upgrade
  • Merging of multiple databases into one modern single-source data warehousing solution
  • Outdated servers and services removal
  • Company protection policies deployment and up-to-date information security features implementation
  • New hardware installation and firmware upgrades
  • Virtualization deployment
  • Websites or software custom development
  • Business analytics or cloud computing services implementation

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