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Since 2010 Parasol Software, an IT company, a part of the R.I.S.K. Group, is in a race for championship in the expanding Dubai technology market. Our objective is to set a benchmark for the IT outsourcing industry in the Middle East region. To be at the top of IT companies list in UAE we store a great importance on hiring the most skillful crew members, focusing on industriousness and passion for technologies. Our engineers chase the challenge to develop out-of-the-box IT Solutions for private and business use on any scale – small and medium size companies, governmental institutions and worldwide corporations. To bring the IT ideas to life we embrace a wide specter of cutting-edge technologies, provided by the leading IT suppliers in Dubai – the world known ICT manufacturers such as IBM, Cisco, Dell, EMC, Avaya, Oracle, VMware.

Foremost, IT services we offer are built to satisfy business needs and requirements. We always do a holistic audit of existing system capabilities, performance expectations, user demands and organization growth strategy. This approach allows us to fuel the business precisely with the services needed for achieving its goals.

As a top IT company we seek to deliver competitive advantages for each client, applying top quality tech solutions and multi-purpose IT tools. Our mission is to evolve technology integration into UAE business reality.

Our course to leadership in technology industry


ADSW Systems hit the road for the first time, as a free zone IT company with Rafik Abasov behind the wheel.

ADSW Systems became a partner of WandaFi company as a ready-made IT solutions developer and IT distributor.

Nodir and Sergey joined the crew.

The IT company got a green light as Parasol Software Trading LLC to drive ahead businesses and government agencies in UAE and GCC countries.

Full audit and IT infrastructure audit for El Chiringuito, Dubai.

IT Network infrastructure implementation for Dubai Whissle Group.

Dmitry joined (according to his belief) the top tech company in the world.

Driving your business further ahead

What makes us the best IT company in the UAE

Customer commitment

Everything we do is dedicated to the prosperity of our customers. We are well-prepared to serve people and businesses: banks, oil-companies, governmental institutions and everybody in the need of the best IT solutions. Likewise we are happy to assist small businesses and private clients to achieve their goals.


Our fearlessness motivates us to tackle new challenges: with great experience and a wide range of services we are ready to handle any level of IT project.


A penchant to state-of-art technologies keeps us moving toward and beyond the edge of science fiction.


We actively participate in Dubai and UAE technology community. We cooperate with partners who share similar values and uphold the same standards as we do.

Business devotion

We consider every IT solution to be an impact on a business entity. We are proud to provide small and mid-enterprise-scale projects with all support possible.

Inspiration through perspiration

We focus on results. Our achievements are denoted in client’s satisfaction and long-term professional relationships with our customers.


Our passion lies in the thrill of IT enhancements. We harness the power of creative solutions based on the most advanced technologies in a constant pursuit of the excellence.


Our people is the greatest foundation of our power. Every team member is a top-notch technology enthusiast and together we have comprehensive skills and experience to deliver most innovative solutions

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Who drives us to the top of tech companies in UAE